Dalhousie University
Canada First Research Excellence
Fund 2022 candidate
climate action
Supporting strategies have been developed to increase the impact of the Canada First Research Excellence Fund investment and to realize benefits for Canadians.

Transformation accelerators

Creation of the Transformation Hub

A strategy for the creation of a platform of cross-disciplinary training for HQP and partners as well as an open-discussion forum with local to international partners from various backgrounds to address climate and ocean topics.


Innovation and Commercialization Strategy

A strategy to expand an ecosystem of training, collaboration, and partner-funded support to create opportunities for translation of the research to commercialize innovation, deliver economic growth, and create sustainable social enterprises.


Policy Hub Strategy

The MacEachen Institute will serve as the Policy Hub for Transforming Climate Action, supporting purposeful exchanges between researchers, policy-makers, and key stakeholders on important ocean-climate policy.


Data Management Strategy

A strategy to develop a coordinated data management team with research data management and technical expertise to support researchers across Partner Institutions in preparing and standardizing data and metadata for deposit in local and shared data repositories.

Coming soon

Indigenous Engagement Strategy

A strategy to foster respectful engagement and the creation of meaningful research collaborations and partnerships between our research team and Indigenous groups.

Transformational funding

Dalhousie University and its research partners L’Université du Québec à Rimouski, Université Laval and Memorial University are seeking support from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund to ensure the ocean’s ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere is accounted for in global climate goals. Together, the universities are the world’s most productive ocean research team, capable of bringing the most sophisticated science to the Earth’s most pressing challenge.

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